Academic blogging

My dream when I went to Berkman Center in 2003 was that we would introduce blogging to the great minds at Harvard and two things would happen:

1. It would revolutionize the way academics share their work with others.

2. It would bring real intellect to the blogosphere.

A lot of that was eventually realized, but not in exactly the way I hoped. I wanted outlining to be a big part of it. So we could create arbitrary structures. I figured that these great minds would find the chronologic arrangement of blogs too limiting. We would work together to create new structures. It didn't happen then, perhaps because the outlining wasn't well-enough integrated. But now with Fargo , it is.

Among the first crop of users of Fargo as a blogging environment are a number of pioneering researchers and educators. We now have a proper foundation built. Still a few glitches, but you can use it for its intended purpose.

An excellent example is Andy DeSoto's blog. He's a PhD student in psychology at Washington University in St Louis.

When I review the Fargo River, several times a day, I see the beginnings of something that could be wonderful. To the people who are there, keep up the good work. And if you're thinking about joining us -- welcome!

Posted: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 15:54:11 GMT