An RSS community get-together?

1. Basic idea

Now would be a great time to get a group of people from tech and news together for a discussion about RSS.

2. What would be discussed?

The history of RSS, how open formats work in the market, ideas for cooperation, both betw tech entities and tech and the media.

3. Why post this on Saturday afternoon?

I figure anyone who's really interested in RSS is busy working on something, since it's July 2013 and you know what happened on the 1st.

4. Physical or virtual? Probably both.

All good conferences have an online component that transitions smoothly from pre-conference to at-the-conference and then to post-conference.

5. Where to host? A neutral place. A university would be ideal.

Either NY or Calif.

I would obviously prefer NY.

The publishing industry is here.

Columbia or NYU would be ideal.

Neutral means not tech and not news and most definitely not corporate.

Although of course many of the participants would be corporate.

6. How big a deal?

Not big. I would like to see 20 people for at most a single day.

It's not about representation of people, rather lots of ideas, information, all openly shared. A conversation that begets more discussion and most important, progress.

Posted: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 19:41:31 GMT