Let's not argue about that

If you find yourself unhappy because:

1. Someone isn't what you want them to be,

2. Or think they should be,

3. Or what they told you they were...

There's a really easy fix for that unhappiness.

They're free to be who they are, and also to change who they are.

It seems you should still love them, if you did before.

Because if you did not, then there would be no chance for people you love to grow, or for your understanding of them to grow, and that wouldn't be much of a friendship!

And the truth is people change and that isn't something to be afraid of because it's real and it's not about you unless you're the one who's changing.

So much of the unhappiness between people is because of misunderstandings like this, imho -- and it's so unnecessary.

Posted: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 20:04:11 GMT