Finishing Engelbart's unfinished revolution

A picture named engelbart.gifI read Howard Rheingold's piece on the Technology Review website, about how the revolution that Doug Engelbart envisioned has gone unfinished. To which I say -- not so. The work continues.

Fargo is tool for augmenting human intellect, as were ThinkTank, Ready, MORE, Frontier and the OPML Editor. As are WordPress, Tumblr and their predecessors. And Twitter.

The web certainly is an intellect-augmenting workspace.

Let's not forget Doug Engelbart as a visionary and pioneer. But the work continues.

PS: I wrote about meeting with Engelbart in 2000.

Update: Mark Bernstein, a leader in the hypertext community, wrote a post in response to this one.

Posted: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 16:19:36 GMT