I love Fargo!

I gotta say, now that the Trex server is humming, I have never been happier with a writing environment. The fact that I have the ability to improve it myself is just icing on the cake. It's as if this were designed just for me (reality-check: it was). When I have something to say, I just click the + icon, and off I go.

People who are getting comfortable with Fargo alongside me, may just beginning to realize that there's a breakthrough here that we haven't made a big deal about. It came up in a demo I was doing the other day. The person receiving the demo, a programmer, thought each post was a file, and that the UI was a way of viewing a file system. Screen shot. I showed him that was not the case. The whole site is in a single file, and it's not a database, it's just a simple XML-based format that's been around forever, OPML.

You could build a whole industry around this idea, and I sincerely hope one does develop. Open formats and protocols are a lot more work, but they're worth it.

BTW, one of my main projects now is to develop the verb set for scripting Fargo, so other programmers can easily add features to the app. The outliner is now mature enough.

Posted: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 13:58:04 GMT