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An idea for Kindle books

One of the reasons I like reading on a Kindle is that I can look up words I don't know by clicking and holding. It's a way to increase my vocabulary, and decrease my frustration. It's especially useful when reading a book like Game of Thrones where the author uses a lot of old words that aren't used that often.

Here's the idea: Let the book author load up the dictionary with the names of characters and places. Books like GoT that have a huge number of characters, often include a chart at the beginning of the book explaining all the relationships between the characters. Wouldn't it be great if this information were baked into the dictionary as you're reading the book? Of course someday it will be.

 7/29/13; 1:36:38 PM.

More Monday morning Fargo features

The changes are detailed on the Worknotes page for Fargo 0.98.

As with 0.97, these are nice-to-have fixes and little features that make Fargo a little easier to use. This is the place I like to get to with a product. The basics are working. Now we're gaining experience, and slowly smoothing things out.

So many developers stop when they reach the top of the mountain. But that's just when the fun starts. Imho of course.

We're getting close to 1.0, which means I have to say that in this way of doing things, the numbers don't mean what they used to. There will be, after 1.0, immediately (knock wood) a 1.01 and 1.02. They're just serial numbers. We should probably, at some time drop the decimal point.

On the other hand, I want to use this as an opportunity to reorganize the docs, and get everything off the old content management system and onto the new Fargo-based system. We should be using the product to document itself now. I also want to do some work on the home page for It's time to tell people what we do there.

 7/29/13; 12:46:12 PM.

Anthony Weiner in the NYC mayoral debate

Moderator: Now we have reached the point in the debate where the candidates take out their penises and show them to the audience. I'll ask for a bit of polite applause, no cheering or booing please.

Christine Quinn: Excuse me.

 7/29/13; 9:15:16 AM.

Couple of suggestions for Fargo bloggers

Regarding Disqus comments:

1. You can turn off the links to articles, if you don't care about revenue. Here's how:

Go to the Disqus dashboard.

In the left column, click on the site you want to configure.

Click the Settings tab.

Within that click the Discovery tab.

You're given a choice between various styles of discovery. Turn it all off by clicking on Just Comments and save it. Here's a screen shot so you know you've arrived at the right place.

2. You can have the comments visible by default by adding this line at the top level of your blog. This makes more sense if you have the "discovery" feature turned off.

#flCommentsVisible "true"

 7/29/13; 8:44:22 AM.

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