Why no icon/bookmarks in Chrome?

I might be missing something, but Chrome on Android and on the iPad is missing something that every other browser has. Why no icons at the top of the window?

For example, this is what the browser window I'm using now has in its chrome.

A picture named chrome.gif

This kind of bookmark is so basic, so ubiquitous, why doesn't Chrome have it in their tablet browsers? That's the thing that's making it so hard for me to set up my new Nexus 7 the way I'd like to set it up, so I can use it for all the things I want to use it for.

Even better -- synch with the toolbar bookmarks for Chrome on the desktop!

This seems so obvious, there must be a patent in here preventing them from doing it.

See also, my earlier piece about the role of the Nexus 7, after one day of use.

Posted: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 21:30:00 GMT