Who saved Old Reader?

It's been a dramatic week at RSS aggregator The Old Reader.

1. On Monday, one week ago, came news that Old Reader was shutting down its public app, and cutting back to the users they had before Google Reader announced they were shutting down. The growth was too much. They wanted their lives back. (Something I can totally understand and relate to.)

2. Wednesday, a brief post saying they got a great offer, so never mind about the shut down.

3. On Saturday they said that an unnamed "new corporate entity" was supplying the resources, money and people, to reboot Old Reader better than ever.

So the question is -- who do you think the corporate entity is?

1. A news startup, rich in funds, but with no RSS product? Circa maybe? Flipboard?

2. A newspaper site like the WSJ or NYT that missed the boat on RSS and wants to get in the game quickly?

3. An existing RSS aggregator who felt that Old Reader was a stronger product?

4. A cynical publicity stunt? (No, we don't really believe that.)

5. An American spy organization that wants to gather data about all of us, legally this time?

It's definitely a puzzle!

Posted: Mon, 05 Aug 2013 11:11:49 GMT