Feedly will support dynamic OPML

Just got a response from Edwin Khodabakchian of Feedly saying they will support dynamic OPML in version 18 or 19. This is very good news for Feedly users, of course, and for people and organizations with domain expertise (curators) and app developers.

It should be possible to hook up new subscription services to Feedly, and because they are using an open format, the same lists will work equally well with any other feed reader or aggregator that supports OPML.

Thanks Edwin, this is very exciting!

PS: If you're a developer, please support the feature so your users can benefit from reading lists produced by experts and by recommendation engines.

PPS: And if you're a user, send a pointer to this post to the developer of your favorite feed reader asking that they support dynamic OPML too.

Posted: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 19:17:43 GMT