Sunday morning server trouble

One of the servers is down.

It's not responding to low-level network pings, so the problem seems to be at the service-provider level.

We've tried to reboot the machine, that didn't bring it back.

Tried stopping the instance, hoping to restart it in a different AWS zone, but it's been trying to stop for about 1/2 hour. Usually it takes less than a minute.

Interestingly, we got an email this morning from Amazon saying that the server is going to be retired in September, and we'd have to stop and restart it in September. Is this a coincidence?

This is not one of our main servers. It handles tasks like allocating names for outlines, and acting as a proxy for WordPress. Fargo , because so much of it runs on the user's machine, is still working fine. I'm writing this post in Fargo.

I'm posting a link to this on our user support mail lists. If you have questions or suggestions, please post a comment here. Thanks!

At least the outage happened on a Sunday.

Posted: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 13:27:03 GMT