Snowden and Manning gave us the jailbreak for democracy

Napster was the impetus of the music programming revolution. A jailbreak. 13 years later, Napster made the music curation service that Beats is developing possible because there are millions of people with a decade of experience programming their own music.

Movies are going the same way. I want to do a film festival with my dear friend NakedJen. We love to talk about movies, and someday we'll do it. But other people will probably figure it out first. All those movie theaters all over the world will be venues for people who are good at putting together a program of movie-going for others to enjoy and discuss, and learn from.

RSS was the jailbreak for news. Now you could program your own flow, pulling in bits from major news organizations and blogs, individuals, and new forms of news, from everywhere.

Snowden and Manning gave us the jailbreak for democracy, if we want it.

It's not a symbolic jailbreak, imho -- if we don't take the chance and renew democracy and speech, people will go to jail, next time there's a financial meltdown, or another superstorm like the ones we've already had in New Orleans and the northeastern US.

Posted: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 13:49:34 GMT