Who does he think he is

This is what it should say on my gravestone.

Grammatical note: Who did he think he was?

It's probably the thing people have most often said about me, although often it comes out in more demeaning and condescending ways.

I'm used to it.

Basically almost everything I've said here has someone who wants me not to say it.

There was a time when it wasn't cool for a programmer to write about politics.

Or have a blog at all.

Before that, who is he to think he can make software and not work at a big company in a mindless capacity, as a fungible part.

And who does he think he is to disrupt a billion-dollar business for companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems? But they were making all that money by keeping publishers from using more efficient technology, like blogs and RSS.

And before that, where did you get the idea that making software is creative.

If you never said anything that anyone objected to you could never say anything.

So what the fuck, just say what you have to say.

It's not like anyone gets out of this alive.

Posted: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 13:11:33 GMT