Encryption in Fargo 1.14

This morning Fargo has an exciting new feature, encryption.

Why encryption is important

Encryption is important in a Dropbox-based notetaking tool because, like every hugely popular web service, Dropbox has had security issues.

And recent revelations about the power of the NSA to access our online data makes encryption an important feature no matter where you're storing your data.

Where we're at with encryption.

This is a new feature, so at first you should be careful using it, in case there are any security issues. In the early testing we found one serious issue. There may be others.

We're using a standard JavaScript encryption library created at Stanford. It was so incredibly easy to use. Thanks to the team at Stanford that created this excellent library.

Now you can use Fargo for new applications that require security. For example, storing passwords and confidential documents.

Video demo

Posted: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 12:57:48 GMT