I don't really have anything to say today

Unfortunately because I want to test some fixes I've made to Fargo. And I need to do some writing to check it out.

It's too hot today to do much thinking, I'm afraid. The changes relate to the way JavaScript does booleans and coercion. I implemented some preferences without thinking about how JS was going to represent the values, and ended up with strings where I thought I was going to have booleans. This is what was causing some of the prefs to flip, apparently on their own. The conditions that would cause the problem are kind of random. Do enough writing and sooner or later you'll get an errant flip.

I think I have the problem licked. But that's nothing new.

I thought I had it licked before.

Learning to work in a new environment takes time.

Now I just turned on encryption for this file.

Let's see if it "takes."

It did. And I turned it off and that took as well.

I'm editing some more after building Fargo 1.26 (using the new release with this post).

So far so good.

Now I'm going to make a list

1. Red beans

2. Rice

3. Tomato sauce

4. Beignets

5. Dixie Beer

6. Muffalettas

7. Hurricanes

8. Oyster po boys

9. Crawfish

Posted: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 16:12:42 GMT