Writing in fresco

You know what fresco painting is?

Basically the artist spreads plaster on a wall and then paints quickly. Whatever is there when the plaster dries is what you see. That's what blogging is like. And that's why you can get in so much trouble with what you blog!

For example, I just posted something on Facebook that I think bears repeating. I haven't done any studies, I've just used a couple of products, and have some experience to report. Fanboys of the platform that I think is stagnant are likely to say I haven't done my homework, or I don't know what their experience is, and damn straight, that's totally true. But I'm doing a fresco here, not the Mona Lisa. I'm writing a little blog post, not Ulysses or Catcher in the Rye. I'm sure as hell not writing the Constitution.

I'm sure all you say is true, I don't make software for any of these platforms. The cool thing Google did was with those cards, they spy on you and figure out what you're up to then show you facts that relate to what you're doing. Proactive searches. It's great and totally fucked up at the same time. And it has nothing to do with developers. Just saying as a user, they're keeping me interested. Even though I know I've made a deal with the devil.

Maybe you'll get an idea from this fresco-style writing. Or maybe it's worthless.

No matter to me, it's just my blog.

Posted: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 15:44:10 GMT