Something weird with Twitter?

I've been fairly active on Twitter over the last few weeks, and that means generally there's a bunch of stuff in my Connect tab. But over the last few days it's really been slowing down. To the point where now there hasn't been anything new posted to that tab in 9 hours. That's remarkable!


Now that could mean that in the last 9 hours:

1. Everyone is busy, no meetings, dull conferences.

2. No one is saying anything to me.

3. No one is trying to spam me.

4. No one is doing social media marketing.

5. Everyone is using iOS and the tweet function in v7 is broken.

6. There's a technical problem at TwitterCo.

7. Or...?

Only interesting stuff?

I often wonder if Twitter does what Facebook does, and tries to keep the flow down by only showing people "interesting" posts, so even if you follow someone maybe you're not seeing everything they post?

If they deployed such a system, I imagine they'd do it quietly. And it would be felt this way. The Connect tab becomes a ghost town. Tumbleweed. Crickets.

Update: Something did change

According to Tad Suiter: Problem might be that the "Connect" tab now initially takes you to "Mentions," rather than "Interactions."

Yup, that was it. When I switched it over, a bunch more stuff was revealed.

Here's a screen shot with a pointer to the thing you have to change to get back the old behavior.

Another example of a software company fixing something that wasn't broken.

Posted: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 12:42:49 GMT