The core JavaScript code of Trex

Here's a link to the core JavaScript code of Trex.

You can browse it there in a read-only version of the Concord outliner.

Now here's an idea. The core functionality of that code, rendering a page in a website defined by an outline, is designed to run on a server.

There's no reason it has to just run on a server

It's JavaScript. It should be possible for it to run more or less as-is, in the browser. And with that we could do static rendering of whole sites without using any server bandwidth.

We already generate RSS this way inside Fargo. No reason the same idea couldn't be extended to a CMS.

The code has been licensed under the GPL, with all that that entails.

At some point I will do this, but the opportunity exists today.

Why JavaScript is the place to be

Code moves across boundaries nicely, in theory.

We have to get good at this.

Posted: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 15:51:00 GMT