Scientific American and genital mutilation

While we're on the subject, and this is going to be a brief one, because the subject is so horrific, Scientific American ran what I consider an ugly post, making light of a subject that is in no way funny, at least to men. That women find it funny, is imho a serious problem.

Try to imagine an equivalent piece about female genital mutilation. Instead of severing something, try inserting something, awful and destructive, into a human body. I can't imagine it would run as anything other than a very serious subject, which it would be, of course.

I objected to the piece, to the author and to believe it or not, Bora. The only response was dismissive (from the author). A pat on the head and no follow-up. Bora did not respond.

Let's strike some kind of balance. It's so easy to flip things around, if you're having trouble understanding what the problem is, imagine it from the other gender's point of view. To a man, there are few ideas more horrible than the subject of this piece.

Posted: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 16:50:51 GMT