Twitter posts != blog posts

Back in March 2011 I wrote a piece about how feeds would model Twitter posts. This came up yesterday, after writing a post about, one of the things it uncovered is that there is a service that brings content into through RSS. That's an automatic thing to support for me, because my linkblog is built on RSS. It's easy for me to plug in.

I did. But there's a problem. The software is not prepared to deal with feeds don't have titles on the items. And imho, Twitter posts don't have titles. I wrote about this in 2011, when I implemented the feature in Radio2. That's the software I use today to manage my linkblog.

It's important, if there's any hope of bootstrapping an open network to model what Twitter does, with RSS. To get interop, we need more conventions, beyond what RSS does to model blog posts. Twitter posts != blog posts.

So, here's my linkblog feed, and here's the document I wrote about how it works.

Suggested solution: Just remove the string "No Title" from the rendering. Everything else is fine the way it is.

Posted: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 15:53:31 GMT