A plot for a science fiction horror movie

Takes place in the near future.

A young Zuck-like hacker not only understands how to write scalable server apps, and has no principles about people's privacy (or really anything, for that matter), he's also a lawyer.

He starts a Facebook-like service, but it's better in some way (still need to come up with this element), but there's a twist. The user agreement can be customized for each user. But they don't do it for everyone, just a few. They know where you live, and whether you own the house you live in.

Here's the nasty thing they do.

They plant seemingly innocuous language in the agreement (that no one reads anyway) that says you sign over all your property to them.

Not sure where it goes from there exactly.

Probably not all that great an idea.

Posted: Sun, 03 Nov 2013 04:02:41 GMT