I'd like to try Ghost

I'm interested in trying Ghost, just to learn how the software works, not to deploy a site.

If you have a Ghost installation and can create an account for me to play with, that would be very helpful for the development work I'm doing.

Please let me know if you can help, via email: dave.winer@gmail.com. Thanks!

Update #1

I hear that Ghost installations can't at this time have multiple users.

In that case, if you have a test site I can try out, I just want to make one post and edit it. I might want to come back a few times.

I promise I'll only modify the one post.

Update #2

Several people offered to let me use their installation, and I was able to create and edit a test post thanks to Christian Dadswell. The Ghost people added me to their beta platform, so I should be able to have my own blog soon, without having to set up an installation. Most important I was able to see how their blog post editor works, which is what I wanted to have a look at. I always look for prior art, no need to reinvent what already works.

Posted: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 16:33:33 GMT