Idea: A simple Dropbox-based web service

The scenario

A sub-folder of my Dropbox folder is named My Website.

It contains two files: index.html and hippieVan.gif.

The HTML file just displays the GIF.

But of course it could be a richer, complex website.

The hypothetical web service

I go to a website which I access with my Dropbox credentials.

A list of my folders shows up. I click on the checkbox next to the My Website folder.

At the bottom of the page, I click on the Make Public button.

A dialog appears, confirming that I want to give this folder a public URL.

Once confirmed, a dialog appears giving me the URL.

How it works

I'm not sure. It could be a server itself that does real-time caching of the contents of this folder. When a request comes in for an item in the folder, it does a HEAD request on the file, if it hasn't changed, it serves out of its cache.

Or it could keep the contents of the folder in synch with a folder in an Amazon S3 bucket, or some equivalent service that runs the server that accesses the content.

It could be a for-pay service. I would happily pay a few bucks for a year's worth of set-and-forget web access.

And for a few more bucks, a custom domain.

Positioning statement

Super-lightweight post-Web 2.0 web hosting.

The CMS lives elsewhere.

It just serves up the content.

Why I want it

I want to build on this feature in my software.

Let me know

If you know of a service that does this, please let me know.

If it doesn't exist, we have to create it.

I'd much rather use yours. And maybe invest in it.

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Posted: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 15:11:02 GMT