Idea: CBS assassination serial on Netflix

I've been watching the JFK Assassination coverage on the CBS website. It's incredible television. I haven't been able to watch all 24 hours, but I wish I could. And this led me to an obvious idea. This programming should be made episodic and offered through Netflix. It would be as popular as Breaking Bad. And what a lesson in civics and history, and what an inspiring example for today's journalists to live up to.

BTW, at this point in the story, as of 12 noon on Saturday, I would have thought the US was under attack by the Soviet Union or Cuba. All the news about Oswald made it sound that way. Come to think of it, nothing has come to light since then that contradicts that theory. Of course I was just 8 years old when this was happening so I had no idea what any of it meant.

Reporters asked much tougher questions. The Dallas police chief didn't seem to mind. And they gave straight answers to the questions.

No women reporters. African-Americans are referred to as Negroes.

This all happened before the Summer of Love, Woodstock, moon landings, the oil crisis, Reagan as president, etc etc. The Mets were an expansion team, Ed Kranepool still played on the Mets.

Lee Harvey Oswald was still alive (but not for long).

Posted: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 17:25:24 GMT