This new Google mail feature is interesting and/or disturbing in many ways

I was getting ready to post an email to a group I'm part of, and was sidetracked by a popup that said I could send $20 to "Mary Green."

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Here's why it's interesting and/or disturbing

  • Google has become a bank. The transition is complete.

  • Isn't this something like BitCoin?

  • They're putting ads in my own email before I write it? How is that not spam?

  • Get me the fuck out of here.

Here's why I'm freaking out

  • Lately Google has been taking liberties with my email far more than I ever gave them permission to. Yeah, I'm sure legally I did -- or I'm sure they think I did.

  • They make messages disappear as I click on them in the iPad version of GMail. They filter important messages to new tabs they invented, without asking me. Now they're invading a writing space with ads? What??

  • I like that they add features to GMail, but they're really pushing us around, and it's not cool.

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By Dave Winer, Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 12:13 PM.