Instant Articles is for bloggers
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 by Dave Winer

It's worth noting that Instant Articles support is now available to everyone, including bloggers. 

I've had Instant Articles emanating from Scripting News for a few months now. It was pretty easy to support, took about a week, but that was early, there were still glitches in the process that are probably gone now.

It's RSS dummy!

The most important thing about Instant Articles: It builds on RSS. So anything you flow through Facebook can now be flowed through any other publishing surface. We're now much closer to creating one feed that flows everywhere, something all web writers want. 

Here's the Instant Articles feed for Scripting News. It's right out there "in the wild" available for anyone to use. Go forth and build new content flows! 

My story in blog posts

Here are links to post I wrote, as I was learning about Instant Articles and figuring out how to support it for my blog and for (my new blogging software).