Who should support IA and how
Monday, February 29, 2016 by Dave Winer

Last week I released Instant Articles support for my blog, Scripting News

What this means is that every time I publish a new post or update an existing post, it's reflected in my IA feed. Think of my blog as an "emitter" of IA stories.

On the other side, Facebook is reading my feed every three minutes, pulling in new posts and updates. And my posts are then available as Instant Articles on mobile devices. Think of Facebook as the "consumer" of IA stories.

Here's a screen shot of what one of my pieces looks like when rendered as an IA.

Who and how

Here's a list of examples of services and products that I would love to see support IA.

  1. Twitter is a news system and RSS is a perfect fit for news. When I publish to my IA feed, I'd like Twitter to read it every three minutes, and post new messages to my timeline and update existing ones, according to what's in the feed, exactly as Facebook does. Twitter, is in this context, a consumer of IA feeds.
  2. Medium can and should imho play the same role. That means I could tell Medium where my IA feed is, and it would keep it in sync with stories on their site. Medium does now support inbound syndication, but when a post is updated, the version on Medium is not updated, at this time. IA provides a perfect mechanism to do this. I would love to see them support it.
  3. But Medium is also an emitter, in addition to a consumer. It should be possible to hook Medium up to Facebook, so that stories people write there could be read in the Facebook app, full fidelity, as Instant Articles. 
  4. WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger should clearly support IA as emitters, and I'm sure they will all be on stage demoing their support at F8 in April. Since WordPress and Tumblr also have readers, it seems they should also be consumers. 
  5. Open source software such as River5 should support IA, as a consumer. 
  6. An RSS reader such as Feedly could support IA, for a better mobile user experience, perhaps.

My feed

This is where my IA feed is.