Hearing from Fargo users
by Dave Winer Thursday, August 25, 2016

I've learned more in the last few days about how people are using Fargo than I have in all of 2016. Of course that's coming after I told the users that Fargo will not make the transition to the new Dropbox API, and it will stop working in June of next year when the current API is turned off.  

I made this choice because I now have better technology for storage, that isn't dependent on one vendor, and neither users or Dropbox showed much interest in the product. As a developer I depend on that interest. The way I do software is user-driven. If there aren't smart people using the product, and if I don't hear from them, I can't do my work.

This is kind of ironic because Fargo is designed for people to communicate. If people had something to say about the product, they could write a blog post and send me a link. That way I could: 1. Read what they have to say and 2. Share it with other people who might be interested in the product.

I can see from Google Analytics that there are some people using Fargo. But what are they doing with it? Hard to say.

Imho, when you're using a free product, and you want to see it continue developing, you have a responsibility to be part of the word of mouth of the product. Help introduce people to it, provide useful feedback to the developer. Not just when it isn't working, but also when it is. 

What you like, what features you'd kill for. Put some effort back into the product, and you may be rewarded with new features, and continued development. If no one is talking about the product, then there's nothing I can do. 

Now we have 1999.io and the new Little Outliner. Some people seem to be using the products, but I don't hear much about it, so neither do potential new users. I have heard from a few users that they'd like some of the features of Fargo to show up in LO2. I know how to do that. But you have to give me a reward if you want me to work for you. It's so hard for people to understand that the person who's developing the software is human being just like they are, and we need support. 

Users aren't without responsibilities. I've said this all along. When I have an active user base, I am interested. If I don't hear from you, I find other things to motivate my interest.