Other blogs like Scripting News?
by Dave Winer Friday, September 23, 2016

I have a weird question. 

You're reading a blog called Scripting News now.

My name is Dave Winer. I am the author of this blog. I've been writing here since 1994. I have no idea how many notes I've posted here, how many essays or podcasts, or right-margin graphics. Lots and lots.

Here comes the question!

I wonder if you read any other blogs like this one?

Written by individuals. No ads. About tech mostly, but also politics and the arts. A bit of life and philosophy. A smattering of seasonal baseball and basketball? Food. Bike riding. Travel. Or whatever. 

Stuff that would interest a person. 

Without much thought to "branding" or "audience."

Just the thoughts of a human being.

I know there are lots of them out there. I'd like to create a river out of just those kinds of blogs. So we can get to know each other. Without using a Facebook or Twitter to connect us. Just using the tools of the web.

If you have a blog you'd like to tell me about, either send me an email. See the About page for contact info, or post a comment here. Either way is fine. 

Let's see what we come up with!


PS: It's totally okay to pass this post around. 

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PPPS: Here's a post announcing the new river that came from this post. 

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