Two tweetstorms re Twitter (and Salesforce)
by Dave Winer Friday, October 7, 2016

I just did a couple of tweetstorms, one about Twitter, and one about the combination of Twitter and Salesforce. I figured I should add them to the flow on the blog too.

  1. When people say Twitter, the company, is a lost cause they are out of their minds or don't understand systems. Twitter works. There's a company behind it that makes it work. The service has a lot of value, not just as servers, but that it's all together in one place. If that were to break it could never be replaced. Look at the void left after Napster's demise for a clue. Set us back 20-30 years.
  2. Re Twitter and Salesforce. I've been reading about Benioff's ambivalence, and how the market doesn't like the idea, but I think they might be missing how Salesforce has already diversified into basic cloud systems in competition with Amazon, Google, Microsoft. Twitter as system software is probably completely discounted in the market cap of TWTR, but imho it should not be.

Add to this two recent posts about Twitter, the first about its value as the Internet-scale notification system with a UI, lots of users, and unique role as the news system of the future, and the other comparing Twitter to Napster.

Now we're caught up. ;-)

PS: One more thing. This reminds me how, in 1996, I openly pleaded with Sun to buy Apple to save the Mac for the world and to own the OS that the users loved most. They thought $4 billion was too much. I bet they wish they had done it.