Let the email fade out
We could draw a line in the sand and refuse to go on until the FBI releases all the info. Or we could just let it drop.
by Dave The Blogger Saturday, October 29, 2016

Taking Comey at face-value, the mistake he made was initially saying that the investigation was closed. He could have said something like this:

For now, we're not actively investigating Secretary Clinton's emails. However if any new information shows up that's relevant we will look into it.

At the time I guess the Clinton campaign wouldn't have liked that very much, because it didn't offer a clean bill of health, but it would have made announcements like the one he made yesterday unnecessary.

Trump surrogates

Meanwhile, when any Trump surrogate gets on TV saying that Hillary is a terrible choice for president because she is hiding stuff, remind them that their candidate has yet to release his tax returns. If we could see those, I bet he'd have a few questions to answer. 

I'm still voting for Hillary

In any case, I'm voting for Hillary. If they had early voting in New York, I would have already voted. Nothing is going to change my vote. Trump is still a disaster even if Huma used Anthony's computer to do email. 

Critical sections

In software, there's the concept of a critical section. It's a bit of code that, when executed has to not be interrupted, because while it's running the machine is not in a consistent state. 

We're in a critical section in this election. 

That's why Comey was wrong to make this announcement at this time. Some time in October the transition started from President Obama to whoever comes next. We're at our most vulnerable right now. We could have expected Putin to throw a wrench into the gears now, but our own FBI Director? That's unacceptable. 

I understand why he did it, so the Repubs couldn't cry foul after the election. But that's a relatively small thing, Repubs do that at the slightest provocation. We needed Comey to cover us, for the good of the country. Take the hit when it comes, and let the election draw to a conclusion, which it was doing. 

If we lose this election there will be hell to pay. Not the kind of hell Trump supporters promise if they lose, but the hell that comes from letting a bull run loose in a china shop. From letting the fox guard the hen house. From letting a mob boss run the country.

Let it drop

I think we understand what happened.

There are two possible ways to approach it. Insist that the FBI release the information they have, or just leave the whole thing where it is. 

The two campaigns obviously have to insist that there be a release. But one of them doesn't have to repeat the message at every campaign stop.

Comey can now take the hit for us, and refuse. Let the press chew on nothing until they run out of things to say. 

A week from Tuesday we'll elect a new president and she can worry about it.