pngWriter update
The world is full of bozos who don't give a shit, and even if they did, don't know how to listen. Only one answer for them -- fuck off! :-)
by Dave Winer Saturday, January 14, 2017

I'm using pngWriter again, now that I figured out how to make the text look crisp. See the previous post about pixel ratios. It's almost perfect, and it's made Twitter way more exciting. So if Jack you're listening, do it, it'll make Twitter exciting the way Napster made music exciting. Twitter could use that. 

I'm still undecided as to whether I will open this up to the public. I've found with my previous products, all imho excellent, the uptake has been far too small to justify the effort and cost to productize and support them. I need a new approach. Maybe charge people to use it? That way they'll feel like there's some reason to use it. Otherwise if it turns out the way all the other products have, no thanks, I'll just use it myself and share it with a few friends. That makes me happy. Otherwise it's just a lot of work and then a lot of work and more work and the occasional bit of angst from someone who thinks you owe them something. Feh. Who needs it!

I'm starting to feel that way about my website too. There's really no way to easily make it HTTPS, and I know all the arguments, and the proponents of HTTPS have to be the worst listeners I've ever encountered. If they want to break the web and plaster ugly warnings all over my blog, go for it. Have a party. I don't give a shit. I'll keep a copy locally so when I need to refer to it I can. As long as the Mac has a good search, I don't even need Google. 

I'm feeling very Fuck You about controlling motherfuckers. Twitter can't help its users communicate. Facebook breaks the web by not letting writers link to other websites from their posts. Google tries to force everyone to switch to HTTPS no matter what the cost. I don't have to do any of this, and neither do you. So when people tell you to fuck off tell them to fuck off right back! :balloon: