Your own status center
I share the tools and tech behind so others can help organize information so we don't lose track of what's what.
by Dave Winer Friday, February 3, 2017

On January 25 I started, a "status center" outline of crises and concerns around the new Trump administration. I felt it was necessary for my sanity to not forget any of the developing catastrophes as new ones were added to the mix.

People seem to like the site. It's gotten a lot of flow and RTs and people have had a lot of suggestions for new things that should be kept track of. This is great, but I'm just one person, and not even a journalist. 

My enthusiasm ebbs and flows. And my biggest enthusiasm is for other people taking this up, to organize information for use by others, and keeping it up to date. So I've made it easy for others to do that. 

How to

Here's the doc that shows you how to take an outline in Little Outliner and turn it into a public status center that you can maintain as I maintain

It also explains what you have to do to use another outliner. And it's all open formats and technology, I don't care if you use my software, just let's start getting systematic about maintaining this information so we don't lose track of what's real and what's not.

Journalists, librarians or?

At first I thought journalists would do this best, it's the next step after explainers. It's showing the relationships between things, and the relationships are malleable. But there was no uptake from journalists. So maybe it's librarians? I don't know, but I've seen people complain that this doesn't exist, and until a real news org does it, they won't believe it. We're that much in a fog these days. 

I would like to see this happen. So I'm sharing what I have. I hope others will share what they have, expertise and time.