Debugging the Facebook API
Over time the API changed and now my apps don't work so well at posting to Facebook. I want to fix a couple of problems today if possible. Any help much appreciated.
by Dave Winer Saturday, February 4, 2017

Facebook changed the API, sometime around the end of October I think, and a few of my apps that post stuff to Facebook stopped working.

Now I'm trying to fix them up to use the new API, and am looking for some good sample code. I remember this was the problem when I first did the work, I think it was back in 2014. 

There are two problems I want to fix this morning.

  1. I'm working with Radio3 as the test case. I have it posting, but it has to login every time I load the app, which causes a window to open, and on my tablet this causes a dialog confirming that it's okay for the app to open a popup. This is annoying. 
  2. The earlier version would get the URL of the new post by accessing an element of an array called actions that's part of the info you get about a post when you ask Facebook. But that array is no longer in the returned struct. So I don't at this time know how to get the URL of a post. This is also annoying, because I display the URL, behind an icon, so when I'm working I can easily see the post without having to navigate. 

If you have any help to offer, please post a comment below.

Thanks!! :balloon: