Cookies in NYT feeds
Documenting a small problem with NYT feeds.
by Dave Winer Saturday, February 11, 2017

Yesterday I posted a note about the ACLU's feeds. I'm going to do more of those feed collections. I already have a few. Thinking of ways to distribute them that will allow people to contribute, probably using GitHub and pull requests.

I got into doing work on River5, not sure why, but I'm not fighting the impulse. I did a bit of work on the default way it boots up, so that the initial result is more pleasing and understanable. 

And then I noticed a warning in the Unix console about a "possible EventEmitter memory leak." It was just a warning but it bugged me, so I looked into it. 

Turns out it was an infinite redirect loop for a RSS feed when you request it with cookies disabled. They document it on GitHub, and I've reproduced the problem here. 

I added a workaround in River5

I'm going to keep rolling and feeding the RSS community little nibbles of sweetness, in the hopes that some of the lights come on. :balloon: