CBC's origin story of podcasting
I met Chris Lydon when we were both fellows at Berkman Center in 2003. I had a project I wanted to do with someone who knew radio, and the result was the first series of podcasts.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A couple of months ago I went to a studio across from the NY Public Library on 42nd St and did an interview with people from CBC, who were in Toronto, I think. We talked about the work I did with Chris Lydon when we were both research fellows at Berkman Center, in 2003. 

I always worry about interviews, they can be like ransom notes, you never know how they're going to reassemble your words and if the result will make sense or accurately represent what you believe or know. 

I'm happy to report they did a good job of putting the story together. It's an 8-minute podcast, and if you've been following this blog, it's imho totally worth a listen. 

I should add that podcasting started before I met Chris, and continued after I left Berkman. CBC chose this thread, but there are others they could have just as easily picked up. 

And it's nice to see Chris get the credit he deserves. A lot of people thought it was too weird an idea. When I pitched him, he showed up, and while they don't mention this on the CBC show, his series of podcasts are the only audio documentation of the early political blogosphere. His interviews were first class, and he picked a very interesting group of people to cover, some of whom went on to have amazing careers as bloggers and political leaders.