Blogs are pretty good
I have to remember to believe in my blog and the people who read it. They are smart, good and loyal people, and when I need a bit of help they seem to be here to help. Thanks! :-)
by Dave Winer Wednesday, March 15, 2017

People say blogs are dead, but this blog ain't!

I had a new product to test, Electric Pork. I knew there would be problems because I'm still learning how the underlying technology works. I needed people to test it before it could be unleashed on the world.

I had a private group that I used for this, but the people there weren't responding. I guess it was a lot to ask the few people who were there to keep testing stuff over the years. So I had to do something or just give up and I'm not ready to do that, yet.

So I took a chance and wrote a post here, with comments turned on, and a critical mass showed up. We got a lot of bugs out, and so many people used it that I think we caught most of the ones that new users will see, and got them fixed. The product was also regression tested, meaning that bugs I introduced while fixing bugs were also caught and fixed. 

The software now feels stable. Not perfect, by any means, but not embarrassingly broken. 

So I wanted to say three things.

  1. If you believe in your blog, you might find there's enough mass there to do something with your peeps.
  2. Thanks to the readers of this blog who still are the best and smartest and most loyal people in the world. 
  3. Electric Pork is pretty good if you find yourself writing tweet storms. 

Next up, I'm going to organize the docs and wrap this baby up and get onto the next thing. :balloon: