It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday March 14, 2020; 7:10 PM EDT
  • Enoch Choi is a longtime friend, and a doctor on the front line of treating patients with Covid19. This is copied from his Facebook timeline. #
  • We will be swept by Covid19 deaths without more screening so we can know who to focus care for. Without diagnosis, we fly blind and just wait for those so sick to need hospitalization. #
  • Without more tests, and possible treatment (high flow nasal oxygen, bipap, intubation, remdesivir, convalescent serum, oya1, steroids) what I have for folks is symptomatic (cough suppressants, fever reducers) which I can recommend over the phone. #
  • Telemedicine needs to ramp up so we can keep folks home and prevent waiting room transmission. Stay home and call your doctor. Don’t come In until you are dying. I can reassure you over the phone. You won't get the swab/test you want unless you are really sick, feverish and a contact of positive Covid19 patient, feverish with severe shortness of breath and chronically ill.#

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