It's even worse than it appears.
Friday October 15, 2021; 11:42 AM EDT
  • An iOS and Android app. #
  • It can manage multiple notes. They are simple things, simple styling, multiple paragraphs per item. Of course Markdown. #
  • It stays in sync with something that's accessible over the web, kind of like an RSS feed just for me. #
  • Then I tell Drummer, Roam, whatever -- where to hook into it. And it appears in my writing world as a flat outline. I can edit in both places. So I can put a note from my desktop into this mobile world, and write something while I'm out and about that hooks into my larger writing world. #
  • Super important: Not part of Apple or Dropbox or whatever's world. Then I would have to go through them to get my own writing, and eventually they will break me. #
  • It's amazing how broken this shit is now. I'm almost broken in Apple's world. And Dropbox blew up what we were doing a few years back. We're about to get evicted by Chrome. But Linux, RSS, OPML and Markdown keep chugging along. And Twitter too btw. They've actually been very good, even though the hype says otherwise. #

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