It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday December 21, 2021; 11:54 AM EST
  • I was talking on the phone yesterday with Scott Hanson, a Drummer user and programmer, and longtime friend. He's been using the OPML package. Among other things it reads OPML files into JavaScript structures, and goes the other way, writes them out as OPML.#
  • It's like reading and writing JSON. It parses and stringifies. #
  • Well Scott was surprised at how simple it is. I was surprised that he was surprised, but pleased that he used it, and happy to shine a light on what he saw. #
  • So -- here's an OPML file. Click on the link to see. #
  • Here's an app that uses the OPML package to read the file and it displays what it gets, which should look familiar to any JavaScript programmer. #
  • From there your code and do anything it wants with the data it has. #
  • Maybe I should write some high-level routines that do common operations to an in-memory OPML structure. Hmm.#
  • If you have questions about the OPML package, here's a good place to ask. #

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