It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday February 24, 2022; 12:01 PM EST
  • Yesterday, a DM from Ken Smith, an everyday user of Drummer: #
    • "It's been so long since I had any hiccups in Drummer that I can't remember when it might have been. Not sure there's anywhere in particular to report that." #
  • I have had the same experience though I'm using Electric Drummer mostly, and testing new stuff in the web Drummer. #
  • I haven't seen an outline overwritten in a long time. That was the big problem with the new tabs system in Drummer, contexts would get swapped incorrectly, and one outline would replace another. It's a hard problem to get data on, bug reports invariably are vague. You can't see the problem happen, the user typically doesn't see the problem until long afer the mistake was made.#
  • There's reason to believe the problem has been fixed. I was led to a problem in this thread, on Jan 8, with steps to reproduce an outline overwrite. When I traced the problem to its source and fixed it, it occurred to me that this mis-coding could be the source of the remaining overwrites we were seeing. I didn't say that in the thread, but I did say it in a private conversation with Scott Hanson. #
  • I still don't know if the problem is gone, but it was worth commenting that the product has been really stable for well over a month, zero problems seen, or reported. #
  • A place to comment.#

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