It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday March 26, 2022; 9:57 AM EDT
  • I remember Watergate and the Gerald Ford pardon of Richard Nixon. Because right now that's the prior art. That's the event we're paying for now, and it seems as if we're about to repeat the mistake Ford made. While all the attention is focused on Putin and Ukraine. #
  • I remember Watergate. And I remember the pardon, and remember that some people were very angry about it but I wasn't -- I was relieved. Finally we could stop obsessing over Nixon. He was obviously guilty right from the outset. Yet it took what seemed an incredibly long time to get from the initial reports of the break-in to his waving goodbye from the White House lawn as he left for the last time. That was the way I wanted to remember Nixon. Humiliated, brought down, going off to exile to spend the rest of his days wondering what if he hadn't cheated. Because the heart of Watergate is the same issue as the heart of Trump, only what Trump did was a million times worse. We excused Nixon. I guess Trump, who is also old enough to remember it (he's ten years older than me) wasn't too concerned about paying a price if his attempted coup didn't work. Now they're getting ready to do it again, they're doing it in the open, and it looks like a perfect plan. If it works, we've already had the last real national election in the US. From now-on they will all be Putinesqe parodies of fair elections. #
  • So here we are.#
  • Can you imagine how the rest of the world sees the January 6 attack on the US Capitol?#
  • Spoiler: It scares the shit out of them. Because the main product the US sells is safety. Our financial system is where the world stores their money for safe keeping.#
  • What scares them even more? We haven't done anything about it. Trump and all the people who organized the coup are free. No prospect of any punishment. The can do it again and again.#
  • If you're smart you're looking for the next safe place to put your savings.#
  • I want to know this -- why isn't journalism running constant articles, reports and panels on this topic:#
  • When will Trump be charged?#
  • We failed to learn the lesson from Nixon it seems. #
  • Maybe one of the networks should give time to Dan Rather to look at the story from that angle. Every night at an assigned time. Rather reported Watergate. No doubt he remember.#
  • PS: One thing that seems evident after the Putin attack on Ukraine. The only people outside the US who want the Repubs to win are other despots whose people would kill them if they could. #

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