It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday March 30, 2022; 9:28 AM EDT
  • Cutting off the public funding of Fox News is as important to the security of the United States as providing arms to Ukraine in its fight to survive the Russian attack, or sanctioning Russia to cut off the money they need to continue the war. #
  • People seem to forget or overlook that the United States is very much under attack by Russia, since they dominate one of our two political parties. The source of that dominance is Fox News. If there is a World War III, Fox will have played a major role in making it happen. #
  • In the US, many of the cable systems were given monopolies by local government. For example if you live in Berkeley, CA, your only choice is Comcast. In NYC, it's Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner Cable). #
  • Fox News is always included in the basic minimal package. That means we're all paying for it, even if you believe as I do that they are deliberately trying to overthrow our government and turn it over to Putin, for some reason I seriously do not understand. #
  • I don't want to pay for Fox News, yet I'm paying just the same. Some portion of my monthly bill is paid to them, even though I think they are the enemy of the United States, and funding them I am undermining the future of my country. #
  • The system must change. We must be given a choice of stations that are included in our package. I would probably choose to subscribe to MSNBC and CNN, though there are times when I think I would unsub them too. #
  • I think we can afford more competition in this area. But I am sure we can't afford to keep subsidizing Fox News. #

Last update: Thursday March 31, 2022; 11:01 AM EDT.

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