It's even worse than it appears..
Friday April 22, 2022; 5:43 PM EDT
  • KD, with all due respect, I'm thinking about you tonight because tomorrow your team, the NBA team that plays in Brooklyn, will be returning, down 2-0 vs the Celtics, and I'm dreaming that Barclays will be filled with Celtics fans. #
  • There won't be any Nets fans there, maybe a few Knicks fans who would be willing to root for the Nets if Durant hadn't so thoroughly dis'd Knicks fans and the Garden when they came to town. Who exactly do you think comes to games in the Garden? We sure as hell aren't Nets fans. And that's what's going to greet them tomorrow night. An arena full of Knicks and Celtics fans. #
  • If he wants the support of NY basketball fans, he should say so, and maybe even apologize for dis'ing us when he came to town. Until then, this lifelong Knicks fan is going to be rooting for the Celtics, and yes I know that's weird. #

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