It's even worse than it appears..
Wednesday April 27, 2022; 9:26 AM EDT
  • Elon Musk took over for Steve Jobs as the audacious tech lover who did wtf he wanted and told people he didn't like to fuck off.#
  • Jobs actually said the words, not if sure Musk does.#
  • Both made audacious products that capture the imagination. Very few people do that. And their products were also outrageously successful.#
  • And even with all that success, they both were willing to put it all on the line, over and over, because they had an idea they wanted to see through. #
  • Making software for Jobs is another matter. He tended to blow up his developers' products, something that platform vendors get to do. #
  • When I realized I couldn't be part of his platform, I bought some $AAPL stock to wipe away the tears, and as a result I can buy nice toys like my new Tesla. 💥#
  • As Tesla stock goes down after the Twitter deal was announced, I realize I should probably be buying some. #

Last update: Wednesday April 27, 2022; 2:43 PM EDT.

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