It's even worse than it appears..
Friday April 29, 2022; 10:48 AM EDT
  • Think about it. Journalism controls what we think about everything. The online world has become an echo chamber for what's talked about on cable news and podcasts. The journalists who control so much of what we all think aren't required to be transparent, there aren't any rules governing how they get paid, and worst of all, we didn't elect them and we can't vote them out.#
  • They tell us how bad it is that Elon Musk owns Twitter (and I'm starting to see it that way too), but what do they have to say about the people who employ them? I guess we depend on their integrity, their good intentions. But what evidence is there of the goodness of their intentions. I turn off the "news" the first time i hear them overstating a case, leaving out important facts that would contradict the conclusions they reach. #
  • And then there are gems like this.#
    • I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Maddow say the other night, in passing: "...assuming the Dems lose congress, as expected." That's like your doctor saying: "Assuming you die of cancer in November, as expected," when you don't have cancer as far as the doctor knows. #
  • We let these things go by without challenging them, and we start stating them as facts ourselves, and then no one bothers to vote because we already knew what was going to happen because according to people who know better, that's what always happens. #

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