It's even worse than it appears..
Wednesday May 4, 2022; 7:30 PM EDT
  • I wrote: "I don’t envy the Bluesky people. Everyone is watching with great expectation and they’ve bit off the problem of federating a closed system that has been built over sixteen years."#
  • My friend Jeff Jarvis wrote: "I will admit that I am pinning hopes on bluesky." I know. #
  • I responded: "Software takes time. Replicating the functionality of a system that’s huge in complexity and scale while changing its underlying design, think about any other field, imagine rebuilding the NYC subway in a year or two with one of the basic constraints changed. People expect miracles of software mostly because they don’t understand how it’s made but it’s pretty much like everything else, if it took a long time to make it the first time it’s going to take almost as much time the second and that’s assuming you’re cloning it."#

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