It's even worse than it appears..
A quick demo of the Feed List as a feed reader. #
A screen shot of the first 20 feeds on the FeedLand hot list. Soon you will not need to log in to read this. The hotlist is also available as a subscribable OPML list. Just import it into your favorite feed reader to keep up with the most popular feeds in FeedLand. Also note that these are early days and the list is heavily skewed by the feeds we offer to get started. That will probably change over time. #
I am subscribed to 470 feeds. You can view my feed list as a feed reader, because of a feature I added late in the development process. The wedge next to each feed expands the feed to show the most recent five items from the feed. With the When column selected, the feed list is in reverse chronologic order. This was not planned, I just put the sorting titles in because it made sense (it's a feature in most file systems). But when it started updating I realized this was something unique and powerful. A feed list that is also great for reading feeds. They update pretty frequently, so there probably should be a feature that disables automatic updating temporarily. There is such a feature in the Settings dialog, but it's hard to remember that you've set it. #
I wrote a simple utility today that generates the starter list from a set of feeds I've put into the starters category on FeedLand. It's proof that this works nicely as a platform for moving around lists of feeds. The code is almost as simple as it would have been in Frontier, twenty or so years ago. We're getting back into the zone. 😄#
Today's song: Mr Soul.#

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