It's even worse than it appears..
Saturday November 5, 2022; 1:29 PM EDT
  • I’ve been asked by a number of people what to do, based on the assumption Twitter is imploding.#
    • It’s not yet imploding. Everything seems to work, as before. #
    • I’d back up the list of people you follow, and people who follow you. How to do this? Someone should figure it out and write a simple howto.#
    • I wouldn’t expect mastodon to be able to handle anything remotely like the load Twitter is handling for years. In the meantime, someone should write a Busy Developers Guide to peering with Mastodon, so we can get started on making the vision really work at scale.#
    • If we wanted a smooth transition we should have planned for a great diaspora. Years ago. But nothing like that happened.#
    • I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Blue Sky.#
    • What is possible, in a few months, if we start working on it now, are mini-twitters, like lifeboats, where a small circle of friends gets together to share stuff within the group. But this won’t be free. But it won’t be that expensive either. Far less than say $8 per month. #
    • Another thing that’s possible is using RSS and writing blogs. A “back to the land” movement, perhaps. It’s much less expensive resource-wise, and really works. Lots of pre-existing options.#
    • Realistically those are the choices, imho — with the caveat that I’ve been wrong before and all other disclaimers. #

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