It's even worse than it appears..
Sunday April 30, 2023; 9:41 AM EDT
  • Journalism's fake issue about AI systems: hallucinations. #
  • A ridiculous standard. #
  • It's like saying you can find false info in Google. You certainly can. And no one thinks Google is less valuable because of it. #
  • Same with Wikipedia. It's often impossible to get wrong info corrected there. Also with Google, btw. #
  • Every time I write about ChatGPT in a place where people can comment, everyone talks about this. You're being programmed, by journalists.#
  • And btw, don't get me started on all the bullshit in journalism. We live in a world where people who can manipulate information do it, all the time. So far I'd give ChatGPT very high grades on accuracy, relative to other places where I look to as a reference.#
  • And you should always check your facts. The web has certainly trained us to always be suspicious. #
  • PS: I asked ChatGPT if it hallucinates: "No, AI systems like ChatGPT do not hallucinate or make up facts in the way that humans might."#

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