It's even worse than it appears..
Monday September 18, 2023; 12:33 PM EDT
  • Textcasting applies the philosophy of podcasting to text. #
  • It also describes what we should have done when Twitter first came along, what I would have done if I were them. We would have had a much different situation now. #
  • Textcasting also says that all the tribulations of Activitypub aren't necessary. No one has bothered to think this through at the top level, everyone is working in niches, not really aware of what anyone else is doing.#
  • Journalism also refused to look. So they were guided into a gulag by Twitter and now they don't like it. If anyone had thought through where they were going, that would have led to textcasting too. They should have owned the new news environment, instead they and we were controlled by it. #
  • The thing that keeps me focused is writers. It's all about writers, what tools they need to think and collaborate, without boundaries. #

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